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2013 Spotlight Awards Q&A: Amber Shoebridge


Sep 13


Winning your first Spotlight Award is an exciting moment, and the enthusiasm never wanes even when you’ve got two (or three or ten!) under your belt. For this special series, PRSA Portland asked some of our area’s biggest winners—those whose names are consistently called at every celebration—for their tips and tricks for Spotlight success.

Amber ShoebridgeAmber Shoebridge
Media Relations Consultant
Legacy Health

What past Spotlight-winning project are you most proud of?

I’m proud of them all, but for different reasons.  Last year’s Spotlight Award was especially wonderful for me because I had stepped out of my comfort zone with the project and I entered a new category.

What do you think is the key to Spotlight success?

Before I sent in my first entry, I attended the workshop that our chapter puts on about winning a Spotlight.  I feel like it gave me great direction.  Since then, I closely look over my judging forms every year to see where I can improve next time. I will also beg a PR colleague in a different field to look over my entry.  Sometimes you can be too close to the project.

Why should others enter the Spotlight awards?

It’s nice to have the gratitude of the nurses and doctors I work with, but they don’t completely understand public relations.  I see winning a Spotlight Award as validation from my peers that can’t be beat.

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